I will start with a story. I was scheduled
To leave Tahoe to visit family on Monday.
Sunday late afternoon I broke a tooth. Horrible pain!!! When I called the emergency number Paul picked it up. Not a recording or service, HE! Picked up, met me within 30 min.

More. I hate Dentist, needles drills.. All of it. I don't know how but I had no pain. Maybe the gas. It was over in a flash. No Pain..!!

RM Farnsworth.

Oh! He called me a day later to see how I was doing. The best DDS alive.

Randy F.

Dr. Stigers and the entire staff were amazing. They truly were miracle workers helping us out while on vacation. We tried contacting several dentists in Tahoe, but being the Friday before the 4th of July weekend, they were the only ones who called us back and set us up with an appointment that same day. I was in incredible pain with what turned out to be a need for a root canal. Dr. Steiger quickly took care of it and set me up with a follow up appointment to finish up. Honestly, I'm considering switching dentists and coming up here for all of my dental needs!

Jeff H.

After avoiding going to the dentist for an embarrassingly long time due to bad experiences, I am so very happy that I finally found Dr. Genasci and Stigers' office! The entire staff is courteous and professional. I travel all the way from North Reno now, because I trust this office. I've had crowns, cavities filled, and routine cleanings at this office and can (and do) wholeheartedly recommend them! Top notch!

Robin M.

I just love this office. The staff is very professional and friendly. There's something about Dr. Genasci's demeanor and friendliness that makes me trust him. I had a root canal done here and had a LOT of questions/concerns and he responded to them without any hint of frustration. My son has also been seen here and they do a great job with the little ones too!

L K.

We started seeing Dr. Genasci and Dr. Stigers about a year ago and couldn't be happier. They're both extremely kind and gentle people and it shows In their practice. I recently was in need of a root canal. I went too long without seeing a Dr. And was in an incredible amount of pain. I called and Dr. Stigers got me in the same day and relieved my pain within one visit. I just went in for a temporary crown today and every time I see Dr. Stigers she is consistently kind and gentle. I barely feel the numbing needle and the visit is always over before I know it. My 8 year old daughter also LOVES this dental office. Dr. Genasci is equally as gentle and wonderful with kids. They have an awesome toy box and let her get a toy even if she comes and waits for my appointment to be over. Their office is beautiful. The staff is friendly and professional. They call to remind you of your appointment the day before and work with you the best they can when it comes to payments. All around this is the best dental office we've been to! High quality work with friendly professionals, couldn't ask for more!!! I'm a long term local and definitely recommend this office if you're looking for a new dentist, you will be pleased!

Tresa B.

These magical dental experts make sensitive teeth feel fresh, clean, and healthy! After living in Europe and then having most of my dental work done by students in dental school I feared even having a check up. But the entire team, from receptionist to dentist, is composed of sweet and professional people who put my comfort first. I am looking forward to my next appointment and my teeth feel better already.

Christina F.

As a new patient, I've been very happy with my experiences at Dr. Genasci's office and would definitely recommend them.

Chris C.

I have been going to Genasci & Stigers for a very long time. They have always taken care of me and my family. The entire staff is very friendly and always make you feel welcome. So if your looking for a dentist that cares about you and gives you a great experience this is the place to go.

Yliana C.

Great staff from the moment you walk in the door. Excellent dental care with the best of equipment. With their cameras and visuals, I am able to view exactly what the problem is, and totally trust in their advice, because I can see the problems clearly. Their staff is very well trained on insurance issues, and are able to answer questions based on specific policies.

Kris K.

All standard unavoidable dental unpleasantries aside (since no dentist can avoid those), this is the best dentist experience I've ever had. I hadn't been to any dentist in 4 years at least, so I was nervous and a bit scared as to what they would find. Turns out the news wasn't that bad, but before I knew that, they did a great job of making me comfortable and at ease. The cleaning was a little brutal, but only cause I hadn't done it in so long. And yes, the instant x-rays and other informative tools, like the graph of your gum depths, on the screen above you is super rad. It's not just a gimmick...it actually helped me see and understand what was going on. And it helps in the trust department, i.e. you can see for yourself how they arrive at their conclusions.

The office is warm and inviting, and the staff are super friendly and attentive. For those without insurance (like myself) they give a discount for paying cash.

See you in 6 months!

Joe S.

I have been in dentists chairs all my life. The unfluoridated water of my hometown and my lax brushing habits made me a prime target for cavities and I got them about everywhere you could get em. I did however always get regular treatment over the years so my general dental needs have not been too far above average. As a child, I had my cavities drilled with that low speed drill (ouch) they now only use for cleaning. I have been to dentists who used all the developing tech refinements (including a sand blaster drill!!!). I have had pretty good luck in choosing dentists and have never experienced any seriously flawed treatment (although I came close when I once visited a dentist who wanted to do a root canal on what turned out to be the wrong tooth - a second opinion saved the day). Prior to moving to Tahoe three years ago, I had lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. I received what I believed to be top notch care from a dentist who was highly recommended. He spent part of his time teaching at UCLA. For the most part,I was quite satisfied. However, over the years, I did suffer a minor but persistent gum bleeding problem near one crowned molar the doctor had installed. Upon my regular cleaning visits, both the hygienist and the doctor would attribute the problem to my careless flossing habits. Nonetheless, upon moving to Lake Tahoe, I was skeptical that I would find dental care comparable to what I had in LA and was all but convinced that I would have to make regular trips back to LA to get it. Exit LA and enter Dr. Genasci. On my first visit, he quickly diagnosed the bleeding and irritatation to be caused by the incorrect positioning of the crown too far above the gumline. Not only that, he noted that the same root canal had been incompletely performed, leaving the potential for a future abscess. Needless to say, after a visit or two to redo the work, the problem has disappeared. I have been visiting his office for cleanings and minor corrective work since then and each time I walk out with the sense that this guy is a master craftsman and professional in his field. The supporting staff in the office is five star as well. I have to say, this is a dental practice that Lake Tahoe is exceptionally fortunate to have.

Jerry C.

Let it be said: I hate dentists. Despise them. Although I have a high threshold for pain and a high tolerance for uncomfortble situations, sitting in a dentist chair is something I really have to psyche myself up for. This is a no-win situation for me as I was blessed with particularly fun teeth. My problems include, but are not limited to, a degenerative enamal disease (I have none), silver crowns that should have been taken off when I was 12, two wisdom teeth that do not belong, 8 pulled teeth in my life, multiple rounds of braces, and a really fabulous experience in which they cut gums out of the roof of my mouth and the front of my lip and replaced it on the back of my front two teeth, where I had none. Needless-to-say, every time I walk into a dentist, I am afraid that I will be asked to force over my lifesavings for new problems.

However, I am NOT afraid to return to Dr. Genasci. Not only do you get to watch tv on a flat screen moved over your head while he works on you, but they take digital x-rays that you get to see immediately AND he has this little camera that he takes into your mouth and shows and explains your teeth to you! Your teeth! On TV! Right in front of you! It's CRAZY! Oh my god are my teeth decayed! And then when you pass out from looking at your own teeth, they can probably give you oxygen! It's awesome!

Lauren L.

My experience with Dr Genasci was the first time I’ve been to see a Dentist and not have my teeth hurt afterwards.

John C

Dr. Genasci and Dr. Stigers are THE most amazingly skilled and compassionate dentists, always delivering top notch care. Everyone working in their office is professional, friendly and delivers a great service. THEY ACTUALLY MAKE GOING TO THE DENTIST A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!

June D

This professional office is owned and run by wonderful people with a fabulous staff. Every single person I’ve come in contact with is caring, gentle, knowledgeable and professional. Their care extends to the individual person. Their dedication to keeping all healthy is commendable. I just love these people!

Coco K

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